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Covers and Liners

In-ground Vinyl Pool Liners

There are many things a pool owner can do to prolong the life of a pool liner (good chemical balance, let the pool breathe, using non-chlorine shock and other products to allow lower chlorine levels, etc.). 

Even if the pool owner takes great care of the liner, at some point, the liner will need to be replaced.  A properly fit liner, just like proper water balance, will help prolong the life of the new liner.  Liners that are too large will have wrinkles and liners too small will be over stretched and will not last as long.   

Our liner specialists take the extra time to measure your pool and inspect each pool to minimize any "surprises" and to ensure a perfect fit liner to add life to your backyard.  The Pate's Difference:

  • Custom measure liner to fit YOUR pool
  • Drain pool, remove/dispose old liner
  • Minor touch up of walls and floor
  • Re-tape wall seams
  • Replace plastic face plates and gaskets on return fittings, skimmer(s), and main drain
  • Supervise re-fill of pool
  • Apply initial chemical treatment and start pool circulation
  • 50+ liner patterns to choose from

Above-ground Liners
Same care should be taken for above ground pools as with in-ground pools.  Proper water chemistry is crucial.  Unlike the individuality of in-ground pools, above ground pools come in standard sizes.  Besides the custom measuring, The Pate's Difference still is applied.
  • Drain pool, remove/dipose old liner
  • Minor touch up of walls and floor
  • Replace plastic face plates and gaskets
  • Supervise re-fill of pool
  • Apply initial chemical treatment and start pool circulation
  • Fewer liner patterns to choose from

Automated Pool Covers
Automated pool covers add many benefits to the pool owner.  Pate's installs, services, re-fabrics many of the brands available.  We also offer maintenance packages ranging from cleaning out the cover box to a complete tune-up.  Some of the benefits of automated pool covers;
  • Up to 75% savings in heating costs
  • Reduces chemical usage
  • Less cleaning...MORE fun time
  • Minimal water evaporation
  • Pool equipment lasts longer
  • SAFETY...helps prevent access to the pool

Loop Loc Winter Safety Cover
For all the residential and commercial pool owners that use the winter tarps held down by water tubes or even and automated cover when the pool is winterized, you can attest to the pain and unsightly "swamp" that is on top of your cover until Spring.  Trying to get the leaves and debris off the cover, continually pumping the water off becomes a dirty, cold and wet hassle.  The Loop Loc Winter Safety Cover is your answer.  This covers fine mesh allows the water to drain through while keeping the leaves and debris on top.  Since the cover is mesh, the debris dries from both sides and any little breeze will blow the leaves off the cover.  No pumping, scrubbing, or heavy maintenance.  Pate's measures each pool to ensure a perfect custom fit for any shape or size pool.  A Loop Loc always stays tight, clean and beautiful on your pool.  Some of the benefits of the Loop Loc Winter Safety Cover;
  • Mesh construction so rain and melted snow drain through
  • Safety cover- another line of protection for children and pets
  • Lightweight with high break strength
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Unique brass anchors that raise when in use and flush with the deck when not in use
  • Free form to fit any pool desigh
  • Durable (12 year prorated warranty)
  • No cover pump

Spa Covers
We can replace the cover on any spa make or model, from the standard foam to aluminum to wood.  A spa cover is only as good as the materials used.  We only deal with manufacturers that use premium materials, superior technology, and quality craftsmanship.  Standard features include:
  • Tapered, EPS foam cores
  • Steel support beams
  • Specially formulated marine-grade vinyl
  • Heat sealed vapor barriers
  • 4 locking tie down straps
  • Variety of colors

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