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Pool Liner Replacement

What makes a long-lasting liner?

There are many things a pool owner can do to prolong the life of a pool liner (good chemical balance, let the pool breathe, etc.), but there are also many things when replacing a liner that will do the same.

  •    In-ground Vinyl Pool Liners

  •    Above-ground Liners

A proper fit is the first step to insuring the longevity of your pool liner.
A liner that is too large will have wrinkles and too small means the liner will be over-stretched and will not last as long. Pre-made in-ground liners are most often over stretched which results in a short life. Pate's takes the additional steps to ensure a perfect-fit liner to add new life to your backyard.

The Pate's Difference:

  1. Each in-ground liner, prior to installation, will be inspected by our liner specialists.
  2. Exact measurements will be taken for each pool and a checklist will be covered to minimize any "surprises."
  3. All skimmers, return outlets, main drains, and vacuum outlets will get new gaskets and face plates.
  4. Minor "touch-ups" on the pool bottom and walls are included.
  5. Pate's will make every effort to make sure your new liner replacement is as "seamless" as possible.

Liner Before

Liner After
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