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Pool chemicals

Pool Chemicals for Sale in Indianapolis

We at Pate's Pool Service and Supply help educate our customers on chemical use. Pool/spa water chemistry can be a touchy subject. It is very important to keep the correct balance of chemicals. Occasionally, you may have specific problems, such as algae or phosphates.
Purchase pool chemicals you can trust for their value, reliability and quality. Not all chemicals are equal. Some of the generic brands are not made with the same quality as the brands we carry at Pate's. The generic chlorine is not packed (compressed) as hard and contains fatty fillers. This causes the tablets to erode much quicker and can cause buildup on surfaces, leading to damage on pool equipment. The dosage rates on the generic algaecides can be 10 times that of a quality brand, costing more money and problems in the long run.
The chemical brands that Pate's carries have been researched and developed into reliable, great-quality chemicals that are used throughout the swimming pool/spa industry.
  • GLB pool products
  • Natural Chemistry
  • Sea Klear
  • E-Z Pool/EZ Spa
  • Leisure Time chemicals
  • Rendezvous spa chemicals
Free Water Analysis
Bring in a water sample for a free analysis and our staff can help determine the best option for you.