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Tips for Designing the Ideal Recreation Room

They're colloquially called man caves, but recreation rooms are areas all members of the family can enjoy. Indeed, many homeowners utilize rec rooms as a space for entertaining. Choose décor and recreation equipment that best fit your family's and your home's style for the ideal rec room.
Consider the Color Palette
It may not seem like a casual space such as a rec room needs a color palette. However, even loosely identifying a palette will add style to your room. You could choose a chic, masculine palette with shades of brown or gray. If your family is into sports, though, Home and Garden TV recommends using your favorite team as palette inspiration.
Decorate the Walls
Along those lines, there's no reason to create a man cave that resembles an actual cave. You should definitely decorate the walls. Indeed, perhaps you'll utilize a theme for your rec room by choosing an interest:
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Outdoors
Just make sure you keep your wall art separate from actual game equipment such as dart boards.
Utilize Wood
A prime material for a classic man cave is wood. Since you'll want storage for games and snacks, consider having wooden cabinets and shelves installed. Likewise, many homeowners design their rec room to resemble an old-style smoking room. This design can include wood trim such as wainscoting and molding.
Choose Comfortable Seating
Your rec room will probably become the center of your family's and guests' entertainment. You'll need plenty of comfortable seating, especially if you're installing a home theater. Choose a sofa and chairs or sectional with overstuffed cushions in your chosen color palette.
Don't forget seating for other types of recreation, too. For instance, if you're including a wet bar, you could add pub tables and bar stools. This seating arrangement allows people to mingle separately from those enjoying the home theater.
Choose Recreation Equipment
Of course, the rec room is all about the recreation equipment. If you're going to all the trouble to designate a rec room in your house, splurge a little on the equipment. A dart board is a great place to start, but you should also invest in a variety of board games. You could even delineate a space for shuffleboard.
A pool table is a premium addition to your rec room. However, you can also choose other game tables such as table tennis, air hockey or a table for playing cards.
Include a Snacks Station
In that vein, you don't want the fun to stop every time your guests need a refill or a snack. As you're planning your recreation room, include space for a snacks station. This can be a simple setup with a mini refrigerator and counter. You should include at least a little storage for snacks, though.
You could also incorporate a full wet bar. A wet bar should include a refrigerator, countertop, sink and storage for drinks and stemware.
If you plan on spending a lot of time in the rec room, you may want to transform your snacks station into a mini kitchen. You don't need a full range and oven, but a microwave is useful. Make sure you have enough space for plates and glasses as well as a designated area for garbage disposal.
Attend to the Lighting
At the heart of it, a rec room is a hobby station. It's a space for your family to enjoy game-related hobbies such as pool, darts and board games.
As such, you'll want lighting that enhances the experience. For instance, pool halls typically feature a hanging light fixture over the pool table itself. You'll also want task lighting for areas dedicated to board games.
In addition, consider the bar and home theater areas separately. You definitely don't want strong overhead lighting for these spaces. Instead, consider recessed lighting, and plan to add a dimmer.
Make over a spare room as a proverbial man cave - in reality, a recreation room the whole family enjoys. Visit Pates Pool Service and Supply for the materials you need to create your prime rec room.