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Building an Outdoor Room? 4 Ways to Make It Feel Right at Home

Are you thinking of adding an outdoor room to your backyard? It's a great addition that adds fun and value to the home. To make it look and feel like a true part of the house and not just an odd afterthought, it's important to do some planning. To get you started, here are four ways to make your outdoor room feel like a logical extension of your home.

Choose the right placement

The right location for an outdoor room is one that seems the most logical and harmonious from the point of view of the indoor rooms. For most outdoor room uses, that means that it should be close and accessible to its interior counterparts.

For example, your outdoor kitchen should be close and directly accessed from the inside kitchen. Think about how you will move between the two rooms and try to create an exit that leads directly to the outdoor area. Take a similar approach to an outdoor living room or dining room. 

If there is no logical inside counterpart or you can't place the outdoor living area exactly where you want it, choose the closest and most direct path. Avoid long, winding walkways or having to navigate around obstacles. Make the connection path wide, well-lit, and solid underfoot. 

make it comfortable

Your home is designed to be comfortable and functional all year-round, so make sure your outdoor living area feels the same way. How you go about this depends on your climate and the purpose of the room.

Most outdoor rooms deserve some kind of overhead or side protection from the elements. In places like Indiana, this could mean adding a solid roof to protect from winter weather and summer sun. If your yard suffers from winds, add some extra barriers on that side, such as lattice and vines or a fence. 

Other ways to make the outdoor space comfortable is to include ceiling fans above the seating or work areas and make outdoor heaters available in the winter. A fireplace is an excellent source of winter warmth as well. 

Match materials

Materials choice should flow logically from your indoor rooms and the architecture of the house itself. Installing a roof extension over the outdoor room with similar siding, trim, and roofing shingles as your existing roof makes the area feel like a well-designed part of the architecture. Even on a smaller budget, you can do a lot to harmonize the structure of the two areas by choosing similar paint colors, trim materials, and siding.

The décor can also create harmony by sticking with a similar or complementary theme and style. Look at the corresponding interior room (such as an indoor dining area and outdoor dining room) or the inside room that you exit. Then, choose furniture and décor that appears like it could be just as easily used in either area. 

consider flow

How does foot traffic flow from the indoor space and through the outdoor space? Think about the way rooms are designed inside the house itself. There is usually an entry point - often with a door - and natural traffic paths that allow people to move freely from different activities. 

Design your outdoor room like you would lay out an indoor one, with walls and doors. Walls can be made from low retaining walls, flower bed borders, or even a visual cue like a concrete pad. Create natural doors between your faux walls and place furniture so it allows people to move around comfortably. 

By planning how you will make both interior and exterior spaces feel like they were designed together, you'll create a space that will get used more and feel more at home. The outdoor living experts at Pate's Pool Service and Supply are happy to help you brainstorm to find just the right ways to build your backyard haven.