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4 Stylish Ideas for Recreation Room Décor

Recreation Room
You certainly could stuff your recreation room with your favorite games and activities and call it done. However, the rec room is a space where you'll likely entertain guests. You don't want it to look utilitarian - unified décor will make the space feel more welcoming. Below are four ideas for how to outfit your rec room in style.
1. Favorite Sports Team
Whether part of your rec room is dedicated to a home theater for watching sports or not, you can use your favorite team as the basis for the room's décor. You could start by using their colors as your own palette. For example, the Indiana Pacers' colors are white, navy blue, gold, and silver. You could use white as your foundation and the other colors for accenting.
Once you've laid such a foundation, the rec room is also an ideal space for displaying any of your memorabilia. Many sports fans have signed jerseys and sports equipment framed or encased for display, which adds an air of elegance. You can also have player's pictures, pendants, or even retro images framed for further décor.
You'll need furniture for your sports-themed rec room. You can opt for neutral pieces or continue your sports theme with the furniture. Manufacturers make pub table sets, stuffed chairs, and even sofas with team logos.
2. Retro
Some homeowners feel that recreating the 50s, 60s, or 70s is a little over-the-top for the main living spaces. However, if you want to get your retro on, consider doing so in your rec room. As with the sports theme, start with a specific color palette. In this case, look at the specific decade you want to recreate:
  • 1950s: Either pastels such as pink, turquoise, and mint or vibrant diner hues such as red, black, yellow, and blue
  • 1960s: Nature-inspired colors such as olive green, cerulean blue, burnt orange, and harvest gold
  • 1970s: Bolder versions of the 1960s colors
For the wall décor, choose prints and memorabilia from your chosen era. You could even have advertising from that era framed for display.
Furniture might be a little more challenging. You could try to recreate the look of furnishings from that era. Alternatively, choose comfortable but neutral pieces that don't adhere to a single decade. For example, classic wood pub tables should fit in with any décor style.
3. Kid-Friendly
Perhaps one of your rec room's primary purposes is to entertain the kids and their friends. In that case, you want to start with a bright, relatively neutral backdrop. For example, you could have light paneling and white paint. If you want to add a touch of whimsy, consider fun wallpaper in lieu of paneling.
Children-themed décor often features primary colors. You can incorporate furniture in full-saturation versions of these colors. Conversely, consider neutral furniture with primary-colored accent pieces. As you transition into the adult space, furnishings, accent pieces, and artwork can become more modern. You can also incorporate shades of the primary colors to tone them down.
For the children's area, one of the key components is going to be storage so that the space doesn't become cluttered. Incorporate lots of shelving and bins so the kids can just toss their games inside. You can even add cubbies under bench seating.
4. Classic Billiards
You can never go wrong with the classics. If you envision a classic billiards room for your recreation space, that's exactly what you should try to recreate.
The basis of the billiards room is wood. Your walls should be paneled with naturally stained wood, and it should be the main material for your furnishings. Naturally, a billiards table should be the centerpiece of the room.
Traditional lights include circular chandeliers or the long-form billiard light with a painted shade. To keep your space airy, incorporate task lighting as well as ambient lighting in the form of track or recessed lights.
Give your rec room a sense of style with cohesive décor. Let Pate's Pool Service and Supply help outfit your family's rec space.